1 W banks Lentils

1 W banks Lentils B banks Shrimp 85 g.

6 bopshih shrimp Mackerel 85 g.

mapenky piece Oysters 15 pieces Yogurt 285 gr.

1 cup Cottage cheese 120 gr.

L medium banks Milk ,Skim 440 lm.

Trenches two glasses Soymilk 415 mp.

1 glass of popovinoy Egg ,boiled 2 pieces Quinoa 125 gr.

large cup Beans boiled NW10 c.

Banks Beans 175g.

1 W banks Lentils 165 g.

1 W banks Table number 12: Combination products.

Lunch and dinner Proteins Carbohydrates ovoshami Soybean Rice ,ideally Eggplant Bean curd brown variety Beans Curd basmati Broccoli Chicken ,without skin White rice Brussels sprouts Turkey ,without skin, Cereals Peas Yogurt ,without sugar with Horns ,coarse grind Green Beans low fat Pasta ,rough green peas Shrimp grinding Squash Salmon Potatoes ,boiled and Kohlrabi Fresh trout Red Cabbage Tuna Corn Sweet Potatoes Sardines ,konserv.


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