In some cereals

In some cereals In some cereals ,such as maize Essential Fatty Acid ,Essential Fatty Acid Representative group of unsaturated fatty acids needed for growth and normal functioning of the body, but are not synthesized in it.

Metabolism Collection of all chemical and physical changes occurring in the human body that contribute to its normal growth and development.

Metabolism involves a process of splitting of complex organic compounds in the body that goes with the energy necessary for the occurrence of other processes and reactions and the formation of complex substances that are the basis of most tissues and organs of the human body, from simple The totality of the biochemical changes taking place in the body ,e.

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Men shooting

Men shooting When I graduated from college, she worked in Tokyo, after work we always sat in the company, ordered a beer with edamame.

As soon as the working day, my colleagues and I were heading to a rooftop cafe store.

In cafes were tables with benches, lanterns hung everywhere.

In this institution beer mugs were much more than the accepted standard.

Men shooting jackets, ties and untied the sleeves rolled up.

Cool breeze caressed our faces.

Neon lights twinkled in Ginza, illuminating the night.

Even at 10 pm in some buildings was light, and clerks to work hard for his close tables, sitting opposite each other.

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I wonder why You know, why are they

I wonder why You know, why are they A lover eventually he will fall off .

Yes I do not want to get married! Do I have hands dried up This anecdote always makes men Homeric laughter.

I wonder why You know, why are they laughing Guess, at least Right! They have the problem of dissatisfaction creations never gets! And if gets .

Oh, ka lambur turned out! In any case, the guys look at the issue of selfsatisfaction and simply mundane: as on purely hygienic action that brings, in addition satisfyvolstvie.

Well, scratch, or go to the toilet or something like that .

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Ready potatoes

Ready potatoes Potato drink prepared as follows: 500 g of washed, biologically pure jacket potatoes to boil in 2 liters of water without salt.

Just over eglrye tubers need to clean Ott peel.

Ready potatoes together with the liquid, where it was cooked, mix as mashed potatoes.

And this alkalirich beverage to drink slowly throughout the day.

Day potato vegetable soups Take 3 mediumsized potatoes, 3 onions, 3 feather green onions, 1 head of celery, to taste 13 carrots and cook soup follows.

20 Clearing vegetables, wash them and Mash.

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This diet

This diet And thus possible to lose weight by 58 kg per week! However, there is one prerequisite: the secret of success in the calculation of the socalled conventional units ,percentage of carbohydrates per 100 g of product.

This diet was developed for the military and U.


astronauts, but, apparently, thanks to the work of our intelligence, soon became the property of the Kremlin elite.

Many Russian politicians, this diet has helped not only lose weight but also become more energetic and functional.

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