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  •        Without carbohydrate dietary

  • The first

    The first In small quantities can be used for filling salad cream.

    Atkins recommends drinks from water, herbal tea without sugar.

    Alcoholic beverages should be avoided during the reduction of the diet, you can further consume drinks with regard to the content of carbohydrates.

    The first part of the Atkins diet eliminates fruit, bread, grains, starchy vegetables, sweets.

    Atkins recommends the diet take supplements ,multivinaminy, chromium, Lcarnitine and purchase test strips to determine the level of ketone bodies in urine ,it can increase the cleavage of animal food.

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    Little time

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    As though some trivia Zelzyut life better! The biggest surprise consultants Sheha center is that many women who are overweight can not PITA months time even then to pass an hour BoE free testing in the center.

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    Remember that

    Remember that In contrast, uniformly affect the level of sugar ,glucose in the blood, promoting weight loss and slimming.

    They help you to develop a uniform energy throughout the day, lifting mood and calming nerves.

    Remember that complex carbohydrates are essential for normal functioning of the body and a healthy psyche, as they carry a great variety of minerals and vitamins.

    Note: In the table of glycemic load foods ,Note 13 provided at the end of the book, you can compare the difference influence of simple and complex carbohydrates for your blood, and therefore, on your health and harmony.

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    Possible once

    Possible once Possible once a week there is one ball of fresh ice cream.

    fat mayonnaise or soft cheeses for sandwiches, too much saturated fat, no nutritional value All types of cheese except cheddar cheese a 50 fat content fatty sauces made from cheese, cream or egg too much saturated fat sugar, sweets and other foods with sugar drastically raise blood sugar too much saturated fat cakes, cookies, cakes and other pastries sharply raise blood sugar too much saturated fat white bread sharply raise blood sugar, no nutritional value chips sharply raise blood sugar, no nutritional value chocolate bars, sharply raise blood sugar, no nutritional value muesli bars ,even those advertised muesli bars, which are presented as healthy, snack, contain large amounts of sugar and hydrogenated fats.

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    Practical recommendations: How to break

    Practical recommendations: How to break But in order to successfully lose all those extra pounds and never gain them no more, it is imperative you wean yourself off sweets.

    It takes only 30 days! You really save and extend their life, their diet eliminating white sugar and refined products.

    This does not mean that you will never try cake or candy, but you will not be attached to them, and certainly never pereesh.

    Practical recommendations: How to break the habit of sweets and simple carbohydrates ,sweets, buns, cakes, crisps and t: Everyday catering to the glycemic load foods.

    Chapter number 4 ,shag.

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