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Health care

Given the shortage

Given the shortage Imperial edict went to benefit the cows, but complicated life fish.

Given the shortage of areas in Japan have never bred cows on a large scale, so the production of butter, cream cheese and there has never been particularly popular, even until recently.

Of course, in Japan today are aware of the benefits of milk, but drink less than a third of its total volume consumed per capita in the United States, Britain, France and Germany.

On the other hand, Japan consumes about 10 percent of the world fish production, although its territory was home to only 2 percent of the world population.

. . . . . .

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We gave them

We gave them They have become our constant companions.

We gave them the will, when they stopped by openly express feelings swap.

For the sake of the rules of schezhitiya we arrogantly declared war on nature de , we proudly told her that we can and will live contrary to its laws, contrary to its natural friction quirement: see appropriate response to deter divided stimulus.

We thought that circled the nature around her finger polozhmvshnsna common sense, but it turned out that she had deceived us.

She sent Pasha own weapons reaction against us.

. . . . . .

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Why are you afraid

Why are you afraid Getting there, you find yourself in a beautiful country products of Japanese cuisine, replete with utensils, beverages, spices, pastries and confectionery, fresh vegetables and juicy fruit some of them had just flown from Tokyo.

Mel loves Japanese food.

And yet he never goes to Mitsuva Marketplace.

Why Because I'm afraid of him, he explained to me once.

Why are you afraid I asked.

I do not know what was inside.

And while buying unfamiliar products are really afraid, knowledge force, and eventually becomes the unfamiliar familiar.

. . . . . .

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Subtotal for operation

Subtotal for operation Knocked In hospital.

I repaired nose from the allergy antibiotics.

Allergy treated dropper.

U clinic underx Atil Viral meningitis ,type epidemic was then from meningitis treated month.

Subtotal for operation ke our brigade kidanuli and money was not given for mon Work placement only got sick and the ruble for good luck.

From it was in 1006I m so about surrender 'it's not my empty bed well : I Little Women made for love, and large for the job.

French proverb Ogdyh is one of the most important needs of the person.

. . . . . .

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In some cereals

In some cereals In some cereals ,such as maize Essential Fatty Acid ,Essential Fatty Acid Representative group of unsaturated fatty acids needed for growth and normal functioning of the body, but are not synthesized in it.

Metabolism Collection of all chemical and physical changes occurring in the human body that contribute to its normal growth and development.

Metabolism involves a process of splitting of complex organic compounds in the body that goes with the energy necessary for the occurrence of other processes and reactions and the formation of complex substances that are the basis of most tissues and organs of the human body, from simple The totality of the biochemical changes taking place in the body ,e.

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Men shooting

Men shooting When I graduated from college, she worked in Tokyo, after work we always sat in the company, ordered a beer with edamame.

As soon as the working day, my colleagues and I were heading to a rooftop cafe store.

In cafes were tables with benches, lanterns hung everywhere.

In this institution beer mugs were much more than the accepted standard.

Men shooting jackets, ties and untied the sleeves rolled up.

Cool breeze caressed our faces.

Neon lights twinkled in Ginza, illuminating the night.

Even at 10 pm in some buildings was light, and clerks to work hard for his close tables, sitting opposite each other.

. . . . . .

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